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Architectural  designer, House Plans, drafting, and Interior Designer Services, Salem Oregon

If you’re looking for an Architectural designer to develop plans for  a new home , or if you are thinking of remodeling, And need a architectural home designer, I provide the professional and affordable design and drafting service your project requires.

Forty plus years in the Home Design building arena!

With over forty years of experience in the home building & light commercial arena.  Bringing to the table solid skills forged by years of on the job experience to guide you through the design process! My goal as an architectural designer  is not to dominate the process; instead learning from you your home design needs.  Forging your wants needs into finish a product which exceeds your expectations! 

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Architectural Home designer, a new concept!

In the past, when considering building a new home, people most often turned to architects. Today architectural home designers are now considered to be the way to go! Design Specialists like myself who will sit down with you learn your needs and desires. Then with your hands on direction put together your project. Every house is different because everyone’s needs are different. That is why I want your personal input on every design decision.  Read on to find out about what sets me apart from the competition!

Looking for kitchen ideas? Consulting? Or a full service residential home design firm? I can help on any and all phases of your home design or remodel!

— whatever you need.

Locally Owned and Operated in Salem Oregon

Kent Cannon Enterprises is owned and operated by myself, Kent Cannon. I am  an Architectural Designer based in Salem, Oregon serving the entire state Oregon. I believe that while drawing plans requires expertise, having a home designed should not cost as much or more than a new car! This designer thinks that Plans should be comprehensive yet still be easy to understand. All of that while not being unreasonably priced all while Leading you through the design process.

For home design

For Interior Design Which Works, Beautifully.

My design process, has been developed through many years of hand’s on work in the field. This gives me the ability to see and apply practical solutions, to meet your design goals.  I give you directional camera shots giving you the ability to view any portion  in 3D.  Place your furniture to plan spaces be it living area, bedroom, bathroom, man cave or quilting room or? You know what it will look like before it is built!  All of this in addition to preparing you fo the pitfalls of the construction world!

for design which works, beautifully.

Working Together With You!

While working with you, I  guide you through the unknowns of the current  construction world. Together we create a home you can enjoy for many years to come. Using the latest computer-assisted design programs, I will help you “see” your project before the construction begins

Interior design

transforming ideas into reality before your very eyes.

Computer-Assisted Design

With the current CAD (computer aided Design) program, you see in detail, how each and every part of your design looks and works before any site work is done. You can place furniture, pick carpet colors, install laminate or hardwood flooring, different sidings and pretty much anything else, giving you real time leverage to see your finished product prior to construction! 

Home Design

A Simple Process!

Fill out the form on my contact page will start the process of either making your existing home more practical or get you started on the process of designing that dream home you have always wanted! I encourage you to look over my blog and the various  pages on this site to give you foundation in home design concept!

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