It is all about Home DESIGN!

home design
Concept Floor Plans; Your ideas, put into a format you can understand!
home design
Easily see your ideas come to life in an accurate setting!

Whether you’re looking to have a brand new home custom designed for your family, or if you are planning to increase the livability of your existing home by adding on or rearranging, Kent Cannon Enterprises can provide the professional and affordable design service that your project requires. Visit the Contacts page today for a consultation.

When building a new home, people often turn to architects to kick off the project. However, a different model is becoming quite popular: home design specialists who are willing to sit down with you and design a project at a much more reasonable rate. With over forty years of experience within the home building business, I can help you from the initial concept to the final drawings up to and including an accurate cost estimate for the completed home.

Home design
Realistic concept drawings





Looking for kitchen ideas, consulting, or a full service residential design firm? Kent Cannon Enterprises is here to help on any and all phases of your home design or remodel — whatever you need.

Kent Cannon Enterprises is owned and operated by Kent Cannon, a Residential Design Specialist based in Salem, Oregon. Kent believes that while drawing plans requires expertise, having a home designed doesn’t require an architectural firm, and home plans shouldn’t cost as much as a new car. My process and transparent pricing ensure that from the initial consultation through to full construction documents, you’ll receive quality service that’s on schedule and matched to your budget— for design which works, beautifully.

home design
Accurate Cost Estimates

Working together with you, I will help you create a home you can enjoy for years to come. Using the latest computer-assisted design programs, you are able “see” your project before construction begins — transforming ideas into reality before your very eyes.





Site specific Plot plans showing the rise and fall of the land!