Corona Virus Update

To my friends and customers,
We have been sheltering in place now for over a month. Due to the danger to my friends and customers, I am not at this time meeting face to face to discuss home design and addition plans. Because of this, and since meeting face to face is a very important part of the service I offer, I am not taking on any new projects at this time. Until it can be verified that I don’t pose a danger to you and visa versa, I cannot justify the risk of such meetings.
My understanding is the authorities are now in the process of producing test kits to test the general population. Once that has taken place, I will once again be able to provide my design services. Believe me, I am torn about this decision, It is costing me substantially monetarily but I feel it is for the best interests of all concerned.
I will be keeping track of all who are looking forward to working on the design of their new homes and or additions and will put your name once submitted on my list of projects in the hopper and I will once I get an all clear, work on them in the order received.
Stay safe, stay home and I look forward to working with you once this ordeal is over!
~Kent Cannon~

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