How do my Custom Home plans differ from an Architects?

How do my custom home plans differ from those of an Architect?

I create stunning unique custom home designs with necessary code-compliant details to obtain permits and construct your home. I provide detailed structural & permit documents that a general contractor will follow to build your custom home.

Where an Architect would source and detail everything for your custom home down to the nails, I leave the sourcing and specification of finishes to you and your builder. That greatly reduces the costs of creating the perfect for you custom home design.

What does a home plan cost?

Where a full service architect could typically charge a percentage of the total cost of construction, my home design services are instead a fixed price based on heated space (square footage) of the design. The price range will depend on the complexity of the house and the site. Because the costs of my services are not based on the value of the home being designed – you can expect to save thousands over the cost of a full-service Architect.

Do the plans include everything I need to get a building permit?

My home plans are detailed to meet IRC (International Residential Code) requirements, Oregon plus local code amendments. Some areas require additional information, such as wind and seismic calculations, and energy code compliance worksheets. If you need any of these special items, I work with local professionals I have developed relationships with to provide cost effective solutions. However, I am open to working with your preferred engineer as well!

G I can and will assist you with questions or concerns from your local building officials, making the permitting process run smoothly. Note: some issues, unique to your situation, may incur additional costs.

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