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Design Updates

Design Going Forward: After working with this layout for a few days, I ended up reversing the plan. We, “the client “and I played with the front entry trying to give it more appeal from the street. I changed to roof line in the front to give it an extra gable line and changed the sidewall on the garage which happens to be the street side to a gable end. We played with the columns, changing them to cultured stone all of the way up to the entry arches, but ended up going back to the tapered columns. I also added some returns on the gable ends which really kind of sets them off. Initially, there was too much stone on the front, so I toned that down with a shingled look on the gables. Really seems to make them stand out.

Floor Plan is Fipped:

Design Going Forward: In the following photo, the plan has been flipped. the reason for doing this was simply to better align the house on the lot. You will note that the gable over the front entry has been widened and arches added to make the street facing side a little more attractive.


At Last, The Entry is finalized

After a lot of back and forth with the look, we settled for the photo below. The stone bases below the columns are about four feet tall with tapered columns reaching up to support the arches. I really think the columns give it a more refined look! What do you think?

Final Front Elevation

The Floor Plan

Design going Forward: Once I got the overall look of the exterior it is time to accomplish the same with the interior! The Front entry ceiling is twelve feet from floor to ceiling. At this time it has a trey surround. You will be able to see more as I update the design. I haven’t completely detailed the pan, meaning not all of the rooms have their respective finishes such as cabinets. There are also features in most of the rooms with small decorative alcoves where art work can be displayed. I will continue to update in further posts as I go along, so check back to see what has changed as I go along!

House Floor plan

Looking into the Rooms:

Initially, we will take a look into the Front Entry. Note the Trey ceiling with the highest flat ceiling at twelve feet from the floor. Looking forward, you can see an archway leading into the Great Room. On the right as you enter, you have another archway leading to the Formal Dining Room. The ceiling in the formal Dining room is also Twelve feet floor to the highest point with a trey around the perimeter.

Front entry
Formal Dining Room

The Great Room:

The Great Room at this time has a vault. That may change in the near future! Not really happy with the look… Stay tuned 🙂

Great Room

Master Bedroom

The rendering below is of the Master Bedroom looking towards the Siting room which is at the break between the carpet and the tile. The room entrance from the small hallway seen in the prior photo (at the far end of the room). The Ceiling is coffered. I will be playing with that look, still not satisfied with it…

I have yet to detail the room. There will be some alcoves in the walls and base molding. and a few other details. Stay tuned, I will do some updates as I complete this plan set.

Master Bedroom

Further Updates to Come

I will be detailing the Master bath and the kitchen this coming week. You can follow me on Facebook or just check back here for updates to come as I develop this design! You can see how far it has come from conception by clicking here

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