The Design Process

Design process: Having a home designed specifically for you and your needs is often a once in a lifetime experience. So When I’m asked to design custom home , I understand you want a home that’s unique, fits your lifestyle, and is achievable within your budget.

Unique Home Designs

The most important part of the design process is when I sit down with you and asses and prioritize your needs and wants. By putting your needs and wants in the forefront we, not I create a game plan.

Together we will create a stunning unique home with code-compliant details. The end goal being that you can solicit contractors and obtain permits to construct your new home. Once we create your design, I will produce detailed permit ready documents So you can begin the next step; building the project!

My home designs are specifically detailed to meet local and IRC codes. Some areas may require additional wind, seismic, or energy code compliance worksheets. If you need any of these special items, I have established relationships with specific professionals to provide you cost effective solutions!I will assist you with your questions and/or concerns from your building department, making the permit process run smoothly. Contact me now! *Some issues, unique to your situation, may incur additional costs.

First meeting:

The most important part in my design process is to listen to your goals and dreams for your new home. We will also discuss your neighborhood specific information as well as your budget. As the design materializes, I will then tweak things to better suit your needs! Creating a home design fitting lifestyle, property, and budget.

Completion and Review:

When all the design elements are in place, preliminary design documents will be printed and evaluated with you. I want to be sure everything is complete and to your liking. The design will then be signed off and your construction drawings will be produced!

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