Home Designer Versus an Architect

How do my modern home designs differ from those of an Architect?

First, both myself and architects provide unique custom designs with code-compliant details to obtain permits and construct your dream home. But, I that is where the similarities end, same skill set, but without the price tag! Where an Architect would source every detail, I provide enough detail to get what you really want/need without enormous cost. For instance you may wonder, just how much do I charge in comparison to an Architect?

What does a design cost?

First, architects charge a percentage (10-15%) of the total cost of construction, while my services are based on a reasonable hourly rate. Second, My home design services are not based on the value of the home being designed, saving you thousands over the cost of an Architect, while I still provide everything needed! For example, Everything including the structural details meeting your Local code requirements including wind and seismic calculations!

As a home designer, I strive to provide my clients with a complete design service! I also provide that at a reasonable! price point! While an Architect provides almost the same service they come in at a much higher cost. But, the differences don’t stop there, I learned my craft working in the field actually constructing large custom homes. However, an Architect learns their trade out of a text book, less the hands on experience.

Home Design Based Upon Actual Physical Experience!

My designs are based on what works, not on theory! For example, having built many, many homes, I can steer you through pitfalls of what works and what doesn’t! But, my services don’t stop there, having physically built hundreds of homes, I can provide background experience in designs spanning a huge variety of residential styles!

Custom Home Design styles like, Mountain, Modern, Farm house, Contemporary, Modern Ranch all regularly come across my desk! Home Design is continuously evolving to meet the demands of new technologies. For example, energy efficiency and Green building techniques, saving the environment for future generations.

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