House at the Coast

Small deck
The small deck and the large windows give you some flexibility for both sunny days and the rainy ones.


Ocean view
Standing in the kitchen looking out towards the ocean. I need To get some good ocean photos for my backdrop! Can you imagine looking out over the ocean from the kitchen window?

Want a House at the Coast?

House at the coast
An off angle front view. In this view,  you can see it is a fairly steep lot! I will be adding a driveway and a retaining wall to make it all work. 

Another house at the coast! It seems that I end up designing  quite a few homes for coastal living here in Oregon.  While I have a few spare moments, I thought I would post another project, I’m actually on vacation, but the vacation went South just before we were to leave for sunny Cabo San Lucas. My wife got very sick and we ended up admitting her to the hospital.  In any event, while I sit and wait for the doctors to do their thing, I needed something to distract me.

Pacific City

This house is going in a subdivision in Pacific City overlooking Hay Stack Rock. The lot is tiny and there are some pretty stiff regulations in this subdivision. The house is literally shoe horned into a tiny niche on a hillside.

Haystack Rock
This will be the view side, allowing an almost unrestricted view of Haystack Rock

These particular restrictions limit the height of the structure so as not to cut off the view for someone up the hill.  In any event, what is a house at the coast without a view?

Haystack Rock

I didn’t have any photos of the location to use for a backdrop but you get the idea looking at these renderings!  

This house is intended to be a second home or more appropriately a vacation home. Due to the size of the lot and the height restrictions, there has been some serious head scratching while trying to make it fit. The initial design was started by another designer who  was unable to complete this project due to personal issues. 

Looking across the Master Bedroom from the doorway. I really need to get some ocean photos for my backdrops…

If you look at the first rendering, there is a bridge leading out to the front door. The foundation for the daylight basement provides a retaining wall to keep the hillside intact. There are interior stairs leading from the garage/daylight basement which you cannot see from these renderings. 


Ocean view
Looking out from the kitchen towards the best ocean viewing area

There will be a retaining wall running away from the garage towards a paved street. The retaining wall will bring the grade up for a nice level driveway. 

Contrasting cabinetry
A nice modern kitchen with contrasting cabinetry

The Great Room has the ambiance of a gas fireplace, with a window seat on either side. Curl up there with a good book and get lost on a rainy day.

Great Room
Another view of the Great Room, notice the fireplace on the right side of the room.

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