Preliminary Drawings

I am in the middle of starting a new project and finishing up another. The photos show the outside of the latest, or at least the preliminary shots of my latest project. This home is right at or just over 2,100 square feet and as this is just preliminary, this could change. there are a lot of interesting angles, niches and features such as coffered ceilings and varying room heights to keep the eye moving throughout.

Since this is the preliminary design, it will continue to evolve into a final end design. The beauty of working with me on your home is that you can see in real time what is happening so when the final nail is pounded and your home is move in ready, you will know exactly where everything is and be sure that all of your furniture will work just the way you imagined.

Should you be considering a new home or possibly just a remodel or an addition, please feel free to contact me with your questions! I am also more than willing to meet with you and give you a solid quote.

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Preliminary Front view
Preliminary Left Front 3D
Preliminary Right Front 3D
Preliminary Right Side View
Preliminary Rear View showing the decks
The deck to the right is a private deck for the Master Bedroom. The deck to the left is the common deck.
Rear 3D Rendering
The door on the left is accesses a rear bedroom. The door mid way comes off the breakfast nook. The door to the right is from the sitting room adjoining the Master Bedroom.
Preliminary Left View
The private deck to the left is accessible from the Master Bedroom. The door on the right has a roof overhang so you needn’t stand in the rain while getting into the garage.

Updates to this design

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