Purchasing Plans Via The Internet

Purchasing plans via the internet can either be very fruitful or very frustrating! First, there are a wide array of excellent home plans available online, which is a good thing! The Annoying part which many don’t see coming are climate & code issues, all dependent upon where the plans were originally drawn. So when buying a set of plans online plan on having changes made and possibly in some cases engineering.

Purchasing Plan’s Via The Internet
Where Do I Start?

The pit falls of Purchasing Via the Internet

First, I highly recommend you consult with the original designer to make any required changes!. Unfortunately, many of the online plan vendors are completely disconnected from Oregon, our local codes, and our climate! However, as a local designer I am well equipped to assist you while crossing through the minefield of potential obstacles! Above all, as local designer I can quickly update plans created in another state to our local codes and climate!

Buy Local?

Code issues vary from state to state, county to county, or sometimes neighborhood to neighborhood! These things can be overwhelming, but they don’t really need to be. With a little consultation I can walk you through the process.

Purchasing Plans from an online designer in one of the eastern or southern states who may not have any idea about our local codes can be a potential mine field! However all is not lost on an online purchase, after all, you purchased the right to build the design! Besides, you really like the floor plan and just about everything in the original design really clicks for you! A quick redraw can get you up and running in short order!

Turn That Online Purchase into a Feasible Project!

Perhaps you purchased plans for a timber framed home, designed for the east coast? Here in the west, local builders as a rule have to no experience working with timber frame.

As a result, you need a local designer to take the original design plans and turn them into methods local craftsman understand! Turning around your project while working within your budget, is where I can help!

About my Services:

I have been building and or designing homes here in the Northwest for 48 years now, starting in Central Oregon, now being located in the beautiful Willamette valley. My normal operating area is within a fifty to seventy five mile radius of Salem Oregon. However, it is not unusual for me to consider projects further afield, depending upon the project and the needs of the client.

Over my years, as a building professional, I have designed or built many styles of homes. I strive to provide my clients what they want in a design, while knowing and working within the local building codes. I have worked with a wide variety of people, helping them to achieve a home design which works for them. Should you have a building need here in Oregon, possibly we can work together to achieve your goals in both new home or remodeling design, dependant upon my design schedule and your timeline.

Let’s Meet

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or drop me an email with any of your questions and/or concerns. I am available to chat and hopefully give you some insight into the process.

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