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Remodeling, Add Value to Your Home!

I am currently working on a remodeling design project in South Salem. These poor folks have gone though the wringer with this home. The home was originally supposed to be a part of the Tour of Homes, but after many hiccups with the builder and his subs, the home was removed from the tour.

This is the original As Built drawing of the exterior. The garage was originally supposed to be entered from the front. The builder put the overhead door on the side making it almost impossible to drive into the garage.

The builder made many changes, unbeknownst to the homeowner

The builder made many changes, unbeknownst to the homeowner. The result was a disaster in the making. The changes consisted of altering the roof design, modifying the structural and many other changes which have resulted in an ongoing nightmare of repairs trying to counteract what the original builder did.

As Built drawing of the rear of the home. There were numerous problems created by the builders modifications of the plans. The skylights over the breakfast nook have been replaced three times since the home was built. The roof also was modified where the lower roof ties to the upper roof. They neglected to add a cricket to force water to run off the roof. The result was a leak and dryrot.

The homeowner has lived with many of the problems

Unfortunately, the homeowner has lived with many of the problems over the years. The original plan was designed for WOW factor and curb appeal, with little consideration to practicality. Remodeling of this home is beyond overdue!

As Built Lower Floor Plan
The original builder opted for using shorter wall height, trussed roof as opposed to Stick frame and also forgot to put in enough support for the main bearing wall abutting the stairwell and created a worthless storage room in the garage. The combination of these errors ruined the original look and floor plan!

When this couple asked me to design their remodel, they lacked the original building plans. Because the remodel of this structure is going to be comprehensive, As-Built plans needed to be drawn. It is always better to use the original plan set, however, in this case the originals were just not available.

The bedrooms other than the master are small and the angled walls make for an interesting layout if you don’t consider all of the space that is wasted for the “look!”

The home has been resided twice since it was constructed back in the mid 70’s, the last of which was cultured stone and hardi-plank. Cultured stone, with it’s surface irregularities makes it all but impossible to measure accurately. In cases like this, I can reconstruct the plan using interior dimensions and photos to take in all of the detail.

As-Built Plans

Once the As-Built plans are complete, I/we started to address the problems the home owners have been living with for years. How many things in your current home have you lived with for years, ignoring the inconvenience but still in the back of your mind wishing it was different? We all tend to ignore things, planning on fixing them later, when it is more convenient!

The issues in this home are probably much larger than the norm, nevertheless, they have lived with them for years, as they developed their careers and raised their children. Now it has come down to the wire, children are gone and retirement is staring them in the face! Time To Remodel!

Maximize Your Largest Investment

How do you maximize your largest investment? You have lived in the same home for years, ignoring the various short comings, while focusing on life. Some simple remodeling can make life so much better, while adding value to your home. One of the first changes I am working on for this couple is the garage. The garage was changed from the original design by the original builder.

Poor Planning Calls for Remodeling…

The couple being young and naive went along with the builders changes, after all, he was the professional…Right? Wrong! Always think about the big picture when making changes to a design! By flipping the garage, and poor planning by the builder, the garage has been virtually unusable as a garage for the last twenty plus years!

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Stay tuned as the homeowner and I work through all of the remodeling challenges of this home. Some of the items on the remodeling design agenda are: 1.) Large detached Garage 2.) Converting the original garage 1st Floor into usable space 3.) Adding a larger Master Bedroom Walk in Closet 4.) More bedrooms 5.) Enlarging and remodeling the Kitchen and nook. 6. Large meeting room for large family and professional gatherings.

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