Design, It is a process!

Design, It is a process! If I had a dollar for every time many over the years a client or prospective client has asked, “How long will it take?”, I would be a wealthy man! The answer in most cases, without divulging the big picture is one to two weeks.

Design is a process

The real story here is that design is a process. It cannot be set in stone, because it is a moving target! Yes, I can and do turn around a set of plans overnight, but that is not the rule. For example, a builder comes to me and wants changes made to an existing plan set, or a quick as built. Depending upon how busy I am at the time, I can usually turn that around in a day or two. However…

Most people I work with are not builders, they are ever day people who get up every morning and go to work at a normal job. These people want to improve their home, but there are questions as to how to best accomplish those goals. Let me help you! I have been through this process many times over the years!

It’s a Process

As I stated earlier, Design is a process. When a woman goes shopping, she walks through the store looking, touching and feeling as she walks through the store. The man, usually goes right to the spot his specific product is located, nabs it and heads for the checkout line. It’s a process…

If you Shorten The Process…

In the case of Home Design, if you shorten the process, chances are you will be unhappy with the end results! As a man, I analyze what I think is important, comparing this feature and that feature, and from that, make a decision based on an unemotional assessment of facts. Conversely, a woman enjoys the process as they browse through the available options.

The available options in this case are in this case the design process. The process can include choosing the look of the outside of the home, then the area where entertainment takes place, then the area where food is prepared, or from where an outside view is most enhanced.

Little Design Details…

These little design details each of us bring to the table make the big picture better for all! Being able to have an idea, then being able to see it materialize before starting your project really let’s you get into the “what if” scenarios that really make your home design better!

Making Your Home Design Better!

In making your home design better, for example, if you had a galley style kitchen. The kitchen was functional, and worked ok, but while in the kitchen, you are unable to interact with your friends and family. Simple changes, turn that around to where you can interact with your guests while preparing a meal. The design process, is understanding just what it is that makes your life better!

Making Your Life Better!

Making your life better is what the process is all about! You go to the store to buy a coffee maker. When you get there, you find a whole lot of varying coffee maker designs, each vying for your attention. The real question is which one will make your life better? Being able to see various options in 3D prior to committing makes the design process easier and leads to being much happier with the final result!

Visualize Your Dream Home

I will help you visualize your dream home, kitchen or bathroom! Let me help you with your design process. Having your design created prior to hiring a contractor ensures you will get the optimum improvements at the best pricing available! Having been able to virtually go through your future home, open doors, look in cabinets, place your furniture and truly see the view through windows puts you in charge of your destiny!

Let Me Help!

Call me today and set an appointment for a free in home consultation and get started on your design process!

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