Garage Plan W/ Apartment Above

Garage Plan with an apartment above. I drew this plan a couple of years ago for a single lady up in the Portland area. She was wanting a small apartment with a garage below. The following is what I came up with.

Apartment Plan

So far, this layout is the most practical. The only thing lacking is a laundry center. When I first started drawing a garage plan, with an apartment above I came up with a studio which fit the bill, but had very little space. There was no bedroom, so the bed was right there in the living area.

The Apartment Plan…

If I were to live in a smaller apartment like this, I would much prefer to have the bedroom separate from the living space! Separating the bedroom creates a whole new space where you can entertain without inviting everyone into the bedroom.

Lower Floor is the Garage

The lower floor which in this case is the garage, gives you plenty of space to park one or two vehicles while still providing space under the stairs for storage. Guests arriving can enter through the side door rather than coming in through the garage.

When the Oregon rain is a happening thing, you can park in the garage and not get wet. Just pull into the garage, park and head up the stairs through the side door.

I contemplated putting an exterior stairs to access the apartment, but with the adverse Oregon weather in mind I elected to enclose the stairs. I just may yet create a version with an exterior set of stairs!

The Living Room

The Living Room Layout actually gives you quite a bit of space, much more than I had anticipated! You can see from the photos that there is adequate space in the Living Room for entertaining or just hanging out.

The living room is actually quite spacious

The rendering above would be from the front corner of the living room looking back towards the kitchen. The kitchen has a full size refrigerator, full size range and plenty of counter and cabinet space for those who like to cook.

The bathroom has a 48 inch shower, nice counter space and access from the bedroom.

Apartment Plan

The photo above would be your first view as you enter the apartment. The kitchen to the right allows you to interact with your guests as you work in the kitchen. the dining room table, stored tight to the wall can be pulled out to accommodate extra guests.

Garage PLan

The bedroom is large enough but not too large. There is adequate natural light to select your clothing colors, and since it is a second floor room, you have the privacy afforded by the height above ground.