Interior Ceiling Features

Interior Ceiling Features : In keeping with a promise to give updated photos of one of my current jobs, Preliminary Drawings and Design Going Forward. The renderings below show a series of ceiling options designed to enhance each room.

In a prior post; Design Going Forward I featured some of the rooms, such as the Great Room, Front Entry and the Master Bedroom. I was not completely satisfied with the ceiling in the Great Room and the ceiling in the Master Bedroom. The following photos are then and now with a few extra options thrown in for good measure.

Interior Ceiling Features of the Great Room

Great Room: This is how the ceiling looked in my last post. The client just wasn’t pleased with the overall look. The photos that follow will show off some different options for the same Room

The following photo shows a Trey running around the perimeter of the room. In order to get a tall or high ceiling, when building with trusses, you have to be creative to raise the ceiling without the rafters or trusses dictating the height. A high ceiling in this case would have exposed the hip rafter coming in from the corner right behind the camera. The height trey or curb running around the perimeter allowed me to jump the ceiling up a foot without exposing the framing.

This photo shows a Trey running around the ceiling. The trey looks kind of cool, but doesn’t really pop in a room of this size!

The following trey ceiling has a crown molding which is set down slightly from the ceiling. Hidden inside the crown molding is low voltage rope lighting. The light will cast a glow out onto the ceiling which is kind of a mood enhancer.

The next look is an option to really get the ceiling up there with quite a bit of pzazz. Because there are so many angles in this room, it was fairly difficult to make this look work. The sharp short return at the far end of the picture limited just how I could make this one work. Be sure and check out the French Doors leading out to the covered deck!

French Doors
This is kind of a modern look, which allows for a very high ceiling.

Another Angle, of the Ceiling Features in the Great Room

In this veiw, you can see a few of the other features in the room. You would be standing near the entrance to the Master Bedroom just past the passage leading into the kitchen. The passage at the far end is eight feet tall to give you some idea as to the height of the room.

Entertainment Center
You can see the entertainment center which is eight feet tall as well as the alcove above the fireplace.

Interior Ceiling Features of the Master Bedroom

If you read the former post Design Going Forward, then you will recall the photo below. The ceiling is coffered to give it some detail and raise the ceiling height above the nine foot wall height.

Coffered ceiling
This ceiling is coffered. The beams running both length wise and width wise can be wrapped with wood or just painted differently than the ceiling above.

The following trey ceiling has a recess above the trey and crown molding sitting down a few inches from the ceiling. There is a low voltage LED lighting behind the crown molding for ambiance. The light can be one of several colors available, and in some cases can even be made to change color, or pulse around the room.

Trey ceiling
Trey ceiling with indirect lighting above the crown molding.

The following photo is yet another ceiling finish option. the trey comes out eighteen inches and then angles up to the ceiling at a forty five degree angle.

Trey ceiling with an angled inside face.

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