Ranch Style Custom Home

I started designing this Ranch Style Custom last week. And after a couple of days trying different things, came up with this 2350 square foot design.

Ranch Style

The ranch style design features a large Kitchen, Formal Dining Room, A Trophy Room/Living Room (the client is a hunter), An Office which can also be used as a bedroom, A nice sized Master Suite and Two nice sized bedrooms.

Ranch Style

The Garage is offset from the house so as not to detract from the house it’s self. With the garage turned sideways, it doesn’t initially look like a garage. Even so, the garage is full size with two ten foot wide overhead doors and direct access to the interior of the home.

Ranch Style
This view is of the left rear of the home. The bump out on the left is the Master Bath. The man door on the back side is outside access from the master bedroom. The large bump out taller than the rest is the Living room/trophy room. This room has fewer windows to exhibit mounts of wild game.

This Ranch style features a large Laundry/Mud room which is especially nice for those who spend their days working outside in the mud and the muck. There will be a seating area in the Laundry for removing boot, and spots to hang coats and such.

This view is from the right rear. Note the large covered deck off the dining room accessed through double french doors. The door inset to the left of the garage is for mud room access. A necessity for anyone who spends a considerable time outdoors in the elements.

The office which is located off that back entry will work well for keeping the business isolated and out of the main home. If push comes to shove, the office can also be used as a bedroom.

Ranch Style
The purpose of a Ranch Style home is to keep everything on one floor. Second floors are for young families, but as we age, we don’t particularly want to deal with stairs. This plan is not yet complete. Stay tuned and watch as it is fleshed out!

Next in line is a large pantry. What kitchen is complete without a large pantry? If you are into cooking or live out of town, there is plenty of storage for necessities.

This design is actually in the preliminary stages, so stay tuned and see how the rest of the house is put together!

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